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MAXIMUM ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. was founded to set up a factory in Tainan, Taiwan in 1978 by several Taiwan experts in the electronic industry to produce temperature controller and thermo-couple. Our products are highly evaluated in Taiwan and in more than 100 countries all over the world. 

In 1988 due to the enlarging size of the domestic
thermo-couple market, our company launched another branch, More Shine Electronic Heat Co., Ltd., which produces all kinds of thermo-couples and probes, serves as an agent for Japan companies to import materials from Japan.

In 1989 we further expand our production base to
Southeastern Asia and set up a factory in Thailand, a
move which have gained admiration from local electronic
and machinery industrialists.

In 1994, following the increasing number of our foreign clients and the expansion of our product lines to industrial controller appliances, refrigeration and air conditioning parts and tools, we launched another branch, Maxthermo-Gitta Group Corp., to be in full charge of our export business, and another new brand, MAXTECH. We also have permanent show rooms in the Taipei World Trade Center to display our various products to our international clients.

In 2001 Maxthermo-Gitta launched another R&D department to develop PID thermo-controller, PLC and HMI. Due to the increasing needs from our international markets and Chinese markets, we also set up a factory in Shanghai for some product lines, to offer better price to our clients all over the world.
High quality, good service and low price are the three principles that lead to what we are today, along with the support from our customers. Our company has endeavored to meet the needs of our customers, and will go on providing the best service to our clients all over the world. With every effort that we have made, we believe that our customers will trust us with MAXIMUM confidence.

Success stories.

Since 1978:
MAXIMUM ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. was founded and set up a factory in Taiwan.
From 1978 to 1988:
Maxthermo export teams were extending the successful market to Southeast Asia and Middle East countries.

In 1989: Thai Maximum Electronic Co., Ltd. was set up in Bangkok, Thailand to serve the local market. 

From 1989 to 1994: Maxthermo extended the business to South Arica, East Europe and South America. 
In 1994:  Maxthermo-Gitta Group Corp. set up a showroom at Taiwan World Trade Center for serving international clients. In the same year, Maxtech logo is published for the production line of Automation system.

In 2001:
Shanghai Office is build up for serving customers in Mainland China. 

In 2016:
ISO 9001-2015 

From 2017-2018:
Quality/Function Upgrading
 for Taiwan Original Products.


Our mission:

 High performance, Good quality, Satisfied service,
Professional technical support, Quick response, Worldwide friendship. Long- term relationship. 

 Our goal is to build up one authorized representative of Maxthermo, Maxtech, Gitta product in each country.