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VH Series


  • VH Series
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Products Features
Error Codes Display Function
The LCD display on the Main Unit can not only indicate the I/O status, but also perform error code display function (01~99 or E0~E9). This is a very useful function which allows easy maintenance of a machine.

External Interrupt and High Speed Counter Functions

The Main Unit contains 6 rapid input points [X0~X5) which can be
used as the external interrupt or high speed counter input terminals.
It can be connected with maximally 6 single-phase high-speed
counter input signals or 2 AB-phase rotations encoders.

Handy System Functions

With a built-in Flash program memory, no back-up battery required.
Main programs, component annotations and program annotations can completely be 
   loaded to the PLC, which allows easy system maintenance.

Plenty instructions (including In-Line Comparisons) has made program writing easy.
The password protection function can prevent any unauthorized program upload, thus the 
   intellectual property right can be protected.

With a Real Time Clock card installed, timer and related applications will set off 

AC power input from AC 85V to 264V (AC power unit only).

Flexible Modular Structure With Multitudinous Models and Modules

The Main Unit comes in 10 to 60 I/O points for various needs.
    (provide 10, 14, 20, 24, 28. 32, 40 and 6O points)

A selection of I/O extension modules in the range of 4X/4Y to 16X/16Y is available to meet 
    different requirements.

Compact and Ingenious Design, Saves Assembling Space

Advanced Window Based Programming
Software: Ladder Master, Easy to Comprehend and Use

Advanced PDA (Palm OS) Based Screen Creation
Software: NeoTouch, Inaugurate a New Fashion

Various Communication Functions

The Main Unit has a built-in RS-232 (CP1) communication port which enables data to be 
    transferred between the PLC and the computer, HMI or SCADA. Also, through this port, 
    program editing and data monitoring can be performed remotely via MODEMs.

Multiplex communication cards and expansion modules provide RS-232 and RS-485 
    interfaces. A system can be expanded up to 3
    communications ports (CP1~CP3).

Through the Computer Link (protocol for VH, VB and M series) or MODBUS slave 
    communication protocol, VH series PLC can be connected
    with a computer, HMI or SCADA to form a local area monitoring network.

The VH series PLC has the MODBUS (master) communication function which can be used 
    to connect to any MODBUS enabled peripherals to access data.

The VH series PLC has the Non-Protocol communication function which is applied when 
    there are no any specific communication protocol can be performed. All the 
    communication processes are customized and completed by PLC's user program. This 
    function is useful when connecting with various equipment which cannot be communicated 
    using the MODBUS communication protocol.

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