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VB Series


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Products Features
VB1 series High Speed I/O function
VB1 main unit in the VB-PLC family is designed specifically for positioning control.
The build-in 4-point High Speed Pulse Output, 20 KHz from YO, Y1 and 200 KHz from Y2, Y3, enable the positioning control to be carried out easily in a faster and more precise manner through using the positioning control instruction. Moreover, for the High Speed Input, not only did it preserves the VB series interrupt input and high speed counter functions, some improvements have been made to it by adding a 2-point AB-phase high speed counter hardware which can count the pulse input signal frequency up to 200 KHz. The conjunction of the high speed pulse output and the high speed counter hardware can complete a close loop positioning control to satisfy the need for accuracy.

PID control with Auto Tuning (AT) mechanism
VB series PLC offer more precise process control via the PID control instruction which can be executed repeatedly. With the premium Auto Tuning (AT) mechanism, the PID parameter setting could never be easier.

Data Bank Provides Large Capacity of Data Storage Function
The Main Unit has 7,680 general and 512 latched data registers. To insert a VB-DB 1R Data Bank expansion card, it will get extra 128,000 latched data registers, for a storage of huge data is required.

VB0. VB2 Series Pulse Output Function
The Main Unit has two points (YO, Y1) of pulse output (up to 7kHz). The output pulse can drive the step motor or servo motor directly.
The additional VB-1PG positioning control module is designed for the demand of higher frequency (up to 100 kHz) pulse output.

Interrupt Input and High-Speed Counter Function
The Main Unit has 6 points (XO~X5) of high-speed input which can be used as the interrupt and high- speed counter inputs. At most, it can be connected to 6 single-phase high-speed counters or 2 AB-phase rotation encoders. The additional VB-1HC high-speed counter module is designed for the demand of higher frequency (up to 45kHz) pulse input.

Multi-Functional Display
This state-of-the-art Multi-Functional Display can be used to show the error messages, procedural flows, texts and graphics, etc.
When the Multi-Functional Display cooperates With input buttons, it becomes a part of data access interface. A better utilization will help enhance product added value.

Complete System Functions
→Built-in a Flash ROM program memory. The capacity size is 16K/8K steps and no back-up 
    battery is required.
→The user program, component comments and program comments can be completely 
    downloaded to the PLC, which is convenient for system maintenance.
→Enable the function of password protection can block program upload. It prevents 
    unauthorized reading so the intellectual property right can be guaranteed.
→For the time-based control, it is available to install a Real Time Clock card (VB-RTC).
→The Main Unit has a built-in Multi-Functional Display, conveniently and timely displays 
→The integrated Auto Tuning(AT) function solves the complexity of PID control.
→MBUS instruction in combination with communication table editing function makes it easier 
    to connect with MODBUS peripherals.
→Plenty of instructions, including: floating point, PID and compare instructions, etc.

Full Communication Function
→The Main Unit has an RS-232 interface (CPI), it can be connected with a computer, HMI 
    (Human Machine Interface) or SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition). Also 
    available through a MODEM to remote control, edit program and data observe.
→Multiple communication cards and expansion modules provide RS-232, RS-485 interfaces. 
    The system can be expanded up to 19 communication ports.
→Provides various communication functions for complicated requires.
    e.g. Computer Link, CPU Link, Parallel Link, Easy Link, MODBUS (Master/Slave) 
    Communication, MODEM Communication and Non-Protocol Communication.
→Provides the MODBUS (Master/Slave) communication mode, which promotes its 
    communication capability to other peripherals.

Flexible Modular Structure, With Multitudinous Models and Modules
→The Main Unit providing l4~32 I/O points optional control scales.
→The I/Q expansion modules provide the control scales from 4X/4Y to 16X/16Y, fully support 
    expansion features need.
→Two I/O connection types are available. (Barrier terminal block or ATX connector)
→Two types of power input are available. (AC 85~264V or DC 24V)
→Three output types are available. (relay, NPN or PNP transistor)
→The input point is the Sink/Source selectable connection.

Numerous kinds of Special Modules Supply various Special Applications
→The analog I/O module, temperature input module, pulse output positioning module, high-
    speed counter module, valve controls module and communication module.

Modular Structure, Flexible Combination Various of Units and Modules

Compact and Ingenious Design, Saves Assembling Space.

Advanced MS Windows Based Programming Software: Ladder Master, Easy Become a Professional.

Advanced PDA (Palm OS) Based Screen Creation Software: NeoTouch, lnaugurate a
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